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Last night Rakion, Unsolved problems...

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Last night Rakion, Unsolved problems...

Mensagem  Bravatus em Qui Out 30, 2008 11:58 am

"Problems with Advanced base wars and Leader HH

Today 00:13

Good evening everyone,

There are currently problems with the Advanced Bases Rakion and Akron. The timer sends a wrong notice about closing the warps to Mesos/Mid-Air about 1 hour earlier. Also there is a problem with not getting WPs and Ordinance Boxes when the Advanced Base Wars are finished.
We are aware of this Problem and working on it.
In the meantime, GAs are allowed to give out Ordinance Boxes to the winning Nation after the Advanced Base War has finished. WP won't be given out because of the problems with people being online/offline, differences with membership and so on. Sorry...

Similar problem with Leader HappyHours. They end earlier as they should. In this case, please inform the GA of your respective Server about this issue and we can sort this out.
Please don't use up any Leader HH until this issue is solved...

I hope this problem will be fixed by tomorrow to maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience....

Good night,



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