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AirRivals Episode 3 Finally Announced

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AirRivals Episode 3 Finally Announced

Mensagem  Bravatus em Seg Out 27, 2008 1:37 pm

"Information about Episode 3

Hello Pilots,

I know you are dying with excitement about when we will release Episode 3. And now is the time to keep you informed/updated as much as possible, so the whole mystery gets solved soon.

After weeks of managing, communication and lots of stress on both sides, GF and the Devs, we are finally testing Episode 3.
YEEES we are currently testing Episode 3 with the tester team and see if we can test as fast as possible to provide a fast and smooth release for everyone of us .

I can't predict when exactly we will release Episode 3 because it depends on the testing team and how fast we can manage to get rid of bugs, if they do exist. And then some optimization with other things.

Keeping you informed.

~Velvet and the AR Team "

Following a video of the AceOnline EP3
Just to calm down our excitements Very Happy