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[IMPORTANTE] Perguntas e Respostas para assuntos antigos e recentes

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[IMPORTANTE] Perguntas e Respostas para assuntos antigos e recentes

Mensagem  Bravatus em Dom Jan 25, 2009 9:57 am

"Hello folks,

After I received the big letter from Anarane with all the concerns and questions, I am trying to answer them in Q&A Style. It is not like I answered them already but I think it is better this way to collect them in one thread and for reference.

Like a Star @ heaven Topic: Server Balance

Q: Will there be things done with numbers or balance of Nations?
A: We are working on the problem. I asked for a one-sided HH for the nations to balance out the levels but it seems it will cause more riot and it is not wanted. I think you refer to the Helix problem. I sent tickets for several solutions to the devs long ago. If the HH nation-sided is still ok with everyone on ONE server, then we can deal this out. This will be done for heavy imbalance issues and level gap problems.

Q: Will there be a gear transfer done? (from one nation to the other)
A: We did a Gear transfer on Orion ages ago but it caused alot of problems, bugs and additional work after the transfer, therefore we usually refrain from transfering people from nation to nation unless we found a programmed solution without bugs (or atleast less bugs). The GAs thought about a method to transfer gears hopefully without problems and we are still improve it. The transfer just needs a "go" as a last option (which is the case concerning Helix). Then we will announce it. I sent a reminder and hopefully it will be considered.

Like a Star @ heaven Topic: Gamepay Issues

Q: Is PayPal working again to purchase credits?
A: It _should_ work again, but we are still monitoring the problem, if it is caused by something different.

Q: A whole brigade was banned by Gamepay, is there nothing you can do?
A: The recent issue you are talking about is something between gamepay and the users. They can send me a mail (which they already did) and I will deal with the users directly. Sorry guys.

Like a Star @ heaven Topic: Hacking/Banning Issues

Q: What is the final word on this over clock hacking?
A: Overclocking is important for users who have problems to run the game. Somehow tho, the overclocking is causing problems which let the user fly faster as usual. Overclocking can be detected but more I am not allowed to tell. Some people might be caught, others are not.
The OC issue is forwarded ages ago to the devs as well. Since then, we don't have any result

Q: Is it true that people who have no signs of hack in the logfiles, are not banned at all?
A: Wrong. People who get reported I will check additionally with logfiles. If they don't show anything or there is not enough to identify, then they will be put on the Monitor list for the GMs. So the case is not closed at all. And of course, there is also visual bannings. Both will be combined (if it is not TOO obvious).

Q: Is it a bannable offense to show GMs a hack to better aid the community in catching the real hackers?
A: Testing hacks to show them to the GMs afterwards is a nice idea, yes. But still a bannable offense. Permissions for testing hacks are only given by me. And I usually don't give them out unless you are part of the testing team. This will be done on a seperate environment. Therefore, don't even try it and risk a ban.

Like a Star @ heaven Topic: Glitches

Q:Is using glitches grounds for a ban?
A: If the person was warned before several time, yes.

Q: If so then why did one brigade only get scolded for glitching an advanced war base?
A: I think you a referring to an issue on Helix and for this there is one explanation. The person who got banned for glitch abusing, was warned several times, even over our own limits. The brigade was warned once. Therefore, no ban.

Like a Star @ heaven Topic: Management Issues

Q: What's the reason for the recent authority wave in IRC and boards?
A: Simple. As explained several times in IRC, the boards and the IRC are public platforms, where people can discuss about stuff. Trolling, Flaming, insulting people is against the rules. Even I have to stick to them. Lately, the mess went over the top and there has to be stuff done. Enforcing the rules as you already noticed. I know it is hard to stick with them, even after the past month "where everything worked" but as said, there are rules and the channels has to obey them. Same goes for the boards. You can have your private AR channel (which you already have) and can do whatver you do on your own responsibility. Same goes for your private boards (I am sure some of you have brigade boards).
The authority will stay tho.

Q: What's with the lack of communication in the past months?
A: The team itself is lacking any info about anything. There are alot of things working in the background, more than some may think. The thing is that communication is a important thing but not everything can be communicated at all.

Q: Why is the IRC and Board closed for new registered users?
A: IRC is set to "moderated" to keep the troll and flame fest controlled to a certain degree. The boards were closed because of the recent thread flood from some parachute accounts of certain banned users. The boards should be opened again but if it continues at this point, we will set the board to manual activation.

Like a Star @ heaven Topic: Events

Q: Will events even happen in the near future or future?
A: Never! ... just kidding. Yes there will be events and some are planned already for the near future.

Q: If so will they be scheduled and kept up to date?
A: We are trying our best to keep you informed about event dates and content few days before.

Like a Star @ heaven Topic: AR's Future

Q: What will happen when the license expires?
A: We will try to extend it.

Q: Will Air Rivals becomes a second SCO where it ended suddenly?
A: This we want to avoid and there is no reason why AR should shut down like SCO at the moment. We know the concerns and the past of SCO and hell, the team and I won't let it happen again. So no apocalypse rumors are true, which are heard everywhere.

Q: How will the other version of Air Rivals/Ace Online affect the English version?
A: Not at all. Air Rivals has a different management than other versions or languages. Each language even in AR has a different management.

Hope this covers all the questions and everything. If there are still general questions, you can ask me directly and I will answer them in here.


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