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PsyStorm's Way of Communication!!! Beta

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PsyStorm's Way of Communication!!! Beta

Mensagem  KADDISFLY em Qui Nov 13, 2008 9:54 pm

Hi guys!

How is the game?
Any new stuff?
Any brigade prize?
I wanna back!!!


Probably I will back in 2 weeks! \o/
But I wont play like a f*cking addicted anymore...

Guys, I have some things to say:
-Don't give up the brigade. We are getting stronger and better;
-We change again the brig lead not cause we don't know what to do, BlackHawk is the new leader now, and I know he will do a great job, like always;
-Domm, why did you give up the B-gear? You were high level and one of the best B-gears on our Brigade...u.u
-RisingHawk, what's your level now? Nice idea calling people to kill bosses! Maybe when I back, all of you will be using your BBs, Invis, Hyper Shots, Purifies, Zerkers, ChainRollings, Camuflages, Invencibles, boss armors, uniq weapons... ^^
-What about you SmoqueDragon? When your B-Gear will back?
-Adelson, is he on the forum?
-BongkerZ , ragdog80 and Fancyk, you still playing?
-Ask people to join the forum please, so I can talk to them too!^^
-Keep inviting people to our brigade!
-Try not to lose the Adv. Base Wars, SPs and MS Wars.
-KILL MOAR ANI!!! Very Happy

Love u all!

English class now...

We are still showing the blue sky. Good work.

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