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[Evento Oficial] Trick or Treat?

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[Evento Oficial] Trick or Treat?

Mensagem  Bravatus em Qui Out 22, 2009 3:21 pm

"The ancient ghosts of Phillon are not resting and haunt citizens of Arlington and Bygeniou! Fight them!

Halloween is around the corner and the Team of AR wants to celebrate this spooky and gloomy event with lots of Pumpkin surprises!
Beat the pumpkin monsters and receive their Killmarks, collect 300 "PKMs" and combine them with 10 Pumpkins to create a special mark surprise or collect the Pumpkin bundles dropped by them and receive a small surprise.

If you have luck, you can find special Halloween standard weapons with Pumpkin Ammo which you can upgrade with cute pumpkin cards .

If everything works out the Event starts next week Tuesday Oct 27th and ends on Nov 17th. 3 weeks of trick or treat!

Further information will be given in the next few days.



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