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[OFICIAL] EP3.2 - O Andar da Carroagem....

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[OFICIAL] EP3.2 - O Andar da Carroagem....

Mensagem  Bravatus em Qui Ago 06, 2009 12:51 pm

"Greetings pilots,

since alot of you feel like left behind and really want info, feedback, answers on what will happen with AirRivals, patches, updates, I will try to answer the question now.

This screenshot is from the English Testserver and yes we currently updated the server to Ep3.2.
The patch itself has alot of bugs we need to get fixed by the developers. Some bugs that make gameplay unbearable and let your clients crash and even more. Let's say the patch is a raw thing.
Beside the bugs and the crashes, we need to translate the game in various languages and the current English versions needs a re-vamp badly.

With the help of the testing team and the game team, we will try to release more infos step by step about the current state in this thread and more visual cookies for you. This includes some short review on the new armors, maps, interface and more. This will take a bit since we are working on other stuff in AR as well. For example: changes and features on the website and more.

We apologize for any lack of information until now since we are also confronted with alot of things and problems in and around AR.

To be continued..."

Por Hyatt.

Além disso, ela informou que a previsão de lançamento do EP3.2 eh no Outono de 2009 (pra gnt, na Primavera de 2009 devido à localização hehe) isto é de 23 de Setembro a 21 de Dezembro >.< (f*uck).


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